Woman out on #bond #robbed 3 #Lancaster #stores in one-day #crime spree, #police say

A 25-year-old woman, out on bond for a December store robbery, was arrested late Monday in a crime spree involving three Lancaster County store robberies earlier in the night, police said.

Jessica Medlin Talford was taken into custody by Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputies around 11 p.m. Monday at a store on South Main Street in Lancaster, after the three incidents, said Doug Barfield, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

Talford got away with money from one store and was found with cash and a crack pipe, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. No firearm was found.

Talford went by the name of Jessica Luann Medlin in December, when she was arrested for armed robbery at a Lancaster County convenience store, Barfield said. Talford gave the changed name when taken into custody late Monday, Barfield said.

Talford was released on $15,000 bond Jan. 25 in the December charge.

Lancaster Police Department Chief Scott Grant said Talford was taken into custody at a Crenco store on South Main Street inside the city of Lancaster, but that store is not one of the businesses that was robbed earlier in the day.

Two of the robberies were in the county sheriff’s jurisdiction and the third was inside the city of Lancaster, Barfield said.

“It is a good thing we found Talford soon after these robberies occurred,” Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said in a statement. “It is anybody’s guess how many other businesses she might have visited had she not been arrested so quickly. We are glad no one was injured.”

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputies were sent to “almost simultaneous armed robbery calls” Monday night, the sheriff’s office statement says.

Deputies were sent to Lloyd’s@200 on Monroe Highway and to the Lancaster Inn on Charlotte Highway, the statement says.

The clerk at Lloyd’s told deputies the female robber demanded money and “appeared to be holding a handgun,” the statement says. She took cash and drove away in a maroon sedan.

The owner of the Lancaster Inn told deputies a woman came into the business twice. The second time, she came in with part of her face covered and pointed something covered in black fabric at him and demanded “all the money,” the statement says.

The owner refused and the woman drove away, the statement says.

The robbery inside the city limits was before 10 p.m. at a Westgate Exxon at 1101 W. Meeting Street, Grant said. In that incident, Lancaster city police detectives charged her with attempted armed robbery, Grant said.

No weapon was presented, but officers said the suspect represented to the victim that there was a weapon, Grant said.

“She had her hand under her shirt and represented that she had a weapon,” Grant said.

“I appreciate the assistance we got from the Lancaster Police Department,” Faile said. “Our mutual help allowed both agencies to close three robberies in short order.”

Talford is charged with one count of armed robbery and two counts of attempted armed robbery in Monday’s crimes, police said. She was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

No one was injured in any of the robberies, said Grant and Barfield.

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