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A WiPro recent survey finds 59% of IT leaders would choose a Mac if given the choice, because doing so delivers recruitment, productivity and staff retention benefits. This being a big week for Apple in the enterprise tech, I spoke with WiPro’s GM Apple Practice and Interactive Experience, Michael Vollmer.

The experience is the workplace

“If you think about it, the one constant in an employee’s workday is their IT experience. Whether that experience is good or bad has a significant impact on the morale and tone of the organization,” Vollmer said.

(That’s in line with the thinking of Jamf CEO Dean Hager who told me this week that “technology has become the entire employee experience”.)

Vollmer observes that while most enterprises keep tight control of all other forms of communication, no one seems to review the message sent in the form of corporate IT.

In essence, he argues, the IT experience should communicate that a business trusts its employees, wants them to be creative and wants to help them be productive.

“This is why choice matters as it communicates to employees that organizations understand that not everyone works the same (empathy) and that the heart of an organization is its people (not its policies),” he told me.

“It recognizes that by enabling people to choose their devices, tools, and other IT solutions used, they are enabling individuals to be their most productive, creative and collaborative selves.

“This translates into attracting better talent, higher employee loyalty, and stronger client relationships,” he explains.

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