US Revokes Visa For Over 1,000 Chinese Students, Researchers Citing Security, Military Links | #espionage | #surveillance | #ceo

New Delhi: The United States has cancelled visas for over 1,000 Chinese nationals amid tensions over trade ties that escalated due to coronavirus pandemic. The announcement comes in view of the May 29 presidential proclamation to suspend the entry of students and researchers from China, fearing security risks, the State Department said on Wednesday. Also Read – ‘Never Wanted to Mislead Anyone’: Donald Trump Admits to Downplaying COVID Threat in America

“As of September 8, 2020, the Department has revoked more than 1,000 visas of PRC nationals who were found to be subject to Presidential Proclamation 10043 and therefore ineligible for a visa,” a State Department spokeswoman asserted. Also Read – Ladakh Standoff: India Ready to Retaliate, Keeping Close Watch on China as Beijing Starts Fresh Build up Along LAC

The US had already been blocking some dubious visas belonging to “certain Chinese graduate students and researchers with ties to China’s military fusion strategy” in order to prevent slippage of any sensitive research data, said acting head of US Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, as quoted by Reuters. Also Read – ‘Mazak Chal Raha Hai Kya’: Twitter Shocked & Confused After Donald Trump Nominated For Noble Peace Prize

He repeated the US charges of ‘unjust business practices’ and ‘industrial espionage’ by China, as there had been attempts to steal coronavirus research as well. Wolf accused the Asian giant of exploiting student visas to take advantage of American academia.

He added that Washington was also preventing import of goods produced from “slave labour”, demanding China to respect the dignity of every human being. The comment was a reference to the alleged abuse of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province.

She added that the restriction adheres to only a “small subset” of “high-risk” students and researchers, while legitimate students will continue to be welcomed in the country.

In June this year, the US had also imposed visa restrictions on Chinese Communist Party officials who were believed to be responsible for the controversial National Security Law in Hong Kong.

The relationship between the two countries nations has deteriorated to a historic low since China attempted to initially cover up the coronavirus pandemic which originated in its Wuhan city, Hubei province, from where it spread to the whole world.

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