US #Gov’t #Agencies Fail to #Implement #Anti-Hacking #Security #Measures

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) at 24 US government agencies have yet to act on hundreds of recommendations to improve cybersecurity and protect personal information, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report on Wednesday.

“GAO’s preliminary results suggest that none of the 24 selected agencies have policies that fully address the role of their CIO, as called for by federal laws and guidance,” a press release summarizing the report said.

In recent years, the GAO has made 2,700 recommendations to improve the security of US federal information systems, the release explained.

“These recommendations identified actions for agencies to take to strengthen their information security programs and technical controls over their computer networks and systems,” the release said.

As of May 2018, about 800 of the information security-related recommendations had not been implemented, the release concluded.
In April, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sued the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks and Russia over the 2016 hack of its emails.

The sphere of cybersecurity gains importance in the modern world, as with the development of technology states’ critical infrastructure increasingly depends on data security. In July 2017, Donald Trump’s administration announced it was finalizing plans to revolutionize the US’ military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations, in hopes of intensifying America’s ability to wage cyberwar against foes.


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