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Star Bazaar India issued a statement on the audio clip circulating on WhatsApp in which a woman claimed that she was defrauded at one of the company’s outlet. The retail chain said that the audio clip is under rigorous investigation and its origin has not been established yet.

In the clip, the woman claims that she went to Star Bazaar outlet, without giving any further details about the location, where they were allowing five people at a time. The supposed customer says that a female employee, with her face mask and shield on, approached her after the billing was complete and requested to follow her to a separate room.

As per the request, the customer went in with the employee to another room where the latter allegedly asked her to pick up some beauty products without the cover box. The customer further adds that when she resisted, the employee threatened to take her hostage. The woman claims that she was forced to act according to the instructions and after she picked up the products, two men approached accusing her of theft.

The woman says she was made to pay double the amount of the product and the employees told her to not tell anyone about the incident otherwise the CCTV footage will prove that she was caught shoplifting. In the audio clip, she urges everyone to shop from local stores and not to visit malls and retail chains until life returns to normal after the pandemic is over.

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‘Received email’

Star Bazaar India said that they received an official email from a person claiming to be a relative of the customer in the audio clip. It added that the company immediately called the customer and the person who emailed, however, did not receive any further clarity.

“The customer denied about visiting Star Bazaar in last 3 months and said she has nothing to do with the audio clip or Star Bazaar. You can be rest assured that this matter will be dealt with all fairness,” said Star Bazaar.

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