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Ferrari just haven’t been the same team ever since they were investigated by the FIA, for using an allegedly illegal power unit during the 2019 season. Despite the results of the investigation being kept a secret, it was evident that something about the SF90’s engine just wasn’t right.

The evidence of which lies in the Maranello-based outfit’s performances in 2020. Last year, they were easily the fastest car on the straights. Embroiled in a midfield battle, alongside Racing Point and McLaren, they are struggling in all areas.

But today the truth of the exposition of Ferrari’s 2019 engine comes out.

Ferrari reportedly spied on before FIA complaint against them

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

According to the Italian news website Corriere Della Sera, (translated by Google) “Last fall, a surgical industrial espionage took shape. Triggered by an antagonistic team of Ferrari with the complicity of someone who knows the most secret aspects of Ferrari.

“To admit it is a technician of the International Federation (FIA) who claims anonymity while telling how the federal investigation precisely at the instigation of a team took off.”

After the complaints were registered to the FIA and once the investigation was all done the Maranello-based outfit was prohibited from using that engine. This further explains what ails the team at the moment.

Ferrari designed the SF1000 for the older, more powerful engine. However, the car clearly isn’t designed for the new unit. Over the course of the last three weekends, both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have complained about the car very often.

The Corriere article further reads, “In practice, a step back of dozens of horses which made the design of a car designed for a more powerful engine inadequate.

“Which forced the Cavallino technicians to a not-happy redesign to be combined with a ‘clean’ engine.

This ‘clean engine’ in the SF1000 has merely managed to earn  27 points for the prancing horses from the first three races. An upgrade to the car’s front wing and floor saw the team do slightly better in Hungary.

But they are still a long way from where they would have hoped to be. Thankfully for them, a week’s off will give the team the chance to work on some improvements.

Can the Italian team turn their performances around at Silverstone? We’ll find out soon enough.


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