Shooting at local business, second in two days

FRESNO, Calif. – A man is recovering after he was shot during a robbery at a Fresno Recycling Center. Fresno Police said it happened just after 7 o’clock Monday morning at the Calwa Recycling Center, on Church Avenue, near Maple Avenue.

Police said the shooting happened when the gunman – grabbed the cash box and an employee tried to stop him.

This is the second time a robbery has become violent at local businesses in past two days in southeast Fresno. Both resulting in shootings, one victim left dead. Police remind the community that no business or money is worth your life.

Police said employees at the Calwa Recycling Center were just getting the day started when the business was robbed.

“A 35 year old male an employee of the Calwa Recycling Center he had been shot,” Sgt. Sean Biggs, Fresno Police Department, said.

Police said one employee was in the storage container were their cash box was located, the other out of view when police say a charcoal grey four door sedan pulled up with tinted windows and two males inside.

Police said one suspect got out of the car and approached the employee in the storage container.

“The second individual who exited the vehicle, one of the other suspects produced a 9mm handgun and discharged that weapon once striking the victim in the left hip,” Biggs said.

Police said recycle center robberies are not common. In the last 8 months they’ve had a total of three which includes the Calwa Recycle Center.

The first took place January 11, near Tulare and First. The second happened June 5, near Shields and West and a suspect is in custody for it. Police said the three robberies are not related.

Police said business robberies are very dangerous and can happen at any moment.

Over the weekend, Christopher Leon, 22, was shot and killed during a robbery at his family’s store, near Chestnut and Kings Canyon. Police said as tragic as it is, they stress you should never act.

“I understand it’s their business, it’s their livelihood but it’s not worth getting shot over, let them take your property and let us investigate it,” Lt. Jerardo Chamalbide, Fresno Police Department, said.

Police describe the suspects from the Calwa Recycle Center robbery as two Hispanic males, in their early 20s, wearing dark clothing, one tall with a thin mustache.

Anyone with information is ask to call police or CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.

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