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Fraud, Englewood Drive

Police went to the UPS facility at 5 p.m. April 2 about a customer trying to pick up two televisions, but the employee believed the items were fraudulently purchased. The UPS employee called the name of the person on the package and letter. The man told UPS he did not know anything about the package. The person picking up the items said he was told to do so by a friend who lives in Ghana. The man came from Dayton to pick up the items. He said he was originally from Ghana. He told police he recently received a phone call from a good friend to pick up the package in Cleveland. He said he asked his friend the contents of the package, but his friend was hesitant to say. He finally said they were two 65-inch TVs. His friend begged him to do him this favor. He did. He was given the address and a referral letter to hand to the customer agent at UPS. The man gave police the name of his friend in Ghana and a phone number. He was honest with police who released him. Police spoke with UPS security. She said the items would be returned to Amazon and not released. She contacted the local person to whom the items were sent. He said he did not order them, but his credit card was used to by them. He also told police his bank advised him about fraudulent activity on his account a few days prior to this incident. The detective bureau may review this incident.

Found property, Pearl Road

A customer in the drive through window at PNC Bank April 4 found the customer before him left $300 and a receipt in the dispensary slot. He tried to get the driver’s attention, but the man kept driving. The customer took the money to the police station where an officer verified the cash matched the receipt. They planned to contact the customer who left the money.

Burglary, Sprague Road

Police were contacted at 12:58 a.m. March 31 about a woman trying to forcibly enter an apartment. The victim said the woman broke his bedroom window trying to do so. As police were on their way, the victim was leaving the complex’ parking lot in a car. Police stopped it. The driver said she was there trying to contact her aunt who lived in one of the buildings, but she was unable to give police the address. Police placed her in the cruiser for further investigation. The victim said he was asleep with his girlfriend when he heard a noise. He saw the woman crawling through his unlocked bedroom window. She was a former girlfriend. He got out of bed and pushed her out of the window. During the altercation, the suspect scratched his face several times. When she was outside of the apartment, she broke the outer pane of the window and entered the complex through the unlocked entry front door. She grabbed a trash can near the front entrance and used it to beat on the victim’s entry door. He then told her the police were responding and she tried to flee. Police noticed the scratches on his face. The victim said he wanted to pursue charges. The suspect was charged with burglary and assault and taken to the station. The report stated the incident occurred during the coronavirus shelter in place order. The suspect lives in another city. She was not in compliance with the stay-at-home orders. She was also issued a temporary restraining order.

Possession of narcotics equipment: Old Oak Boulevard

An officer at 12:56 a.m. March 11 saw a car turn from Bagley Road and cross over the lane lines. He stopped the car that pulled into the hospital’s parking lot. The driver appeared very fidgety and nervous. The officer told the driver her car’s license plates had expired and she crossed the lane lines. Her license also was suspended. The passenger seat had trash on it. Another officer saw a crack pipe and syringe cap in plain view. Asked if she had any drugs or anything sharp on her, she said she had the crack pipe and had needles in the back seat, but no drugs. She was arrested. An officer found a hypodermic syringe under the driver’s seat. The suspect said she does smoke meth and in the process of putting herself into rehab.

Theft, Engle Road

Police went to Days Inn at 7:18 a.m. March 28 for a car theft. An overnight employee parked his car in front of the hotel near the main lobby. When he went to get in it that morning, it was ransacked and his gym bag was gone. The bag contained clothing, shoes and personal and tax information. Police reviewed a security tape. It showed a pickup truck pulled next to the car at 3:04 a.m. A man exited it. He went to the car’s unlocked driver side door and opened it. The victim admitted he must have forgotten to lock his car after retrieving something earlier in the night. The suspect went through the car, took the duffel bag and put it in the truck’s bed. The suspect and the truck continued to check other cars in the lot. The truck entered the lot by cutting through the grass near the Red Roof Inn. Police found the man also checked all the cars in the Red Roof Inn’s lot. Police searched the area for the truck but did not find it.


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