Safe & Sound: Business Security

For business owners with storefronts, appropriate security measures can make the difference between uninterrupted safety and chaos or danger for employees and customers alike.
Installation of security systems and implementation of emergency plans are important for all businesses, regardless of size. Even small businesses may be at risk for break ins and burglaries, or the repercussions of irate and hostile customers.

The chance of actually having this type of emergency may seem remote, but when lives are potentially at stake, the better-safe-than-sorry approach is likely the right choice. Security, however, is not one-size-fits-all. When decided on your business’s needs, speaking to a security expert is an important first step. Justin Saucier of Denali Security is just such a professional.

Saucier places a high priority on helping business owners take control of their environment. By this, he means leaving little to chance by creating the availability of communication and surveillance throughout the building. There are many strategies for making this possible.

First, businesses should have controls in place beyond a front desk employee. For some businesses, this may mean security staff as might be seen at local banks. For others, it may look more like having locked front doors with a security camera, requiring customers to be buzzed in. This type of entryway security can be seen at schools within the Anchorage School District.

For many businesses, especially small establishments, these precautions may seem oppressively excessive. Saucier acknowledges that customers should feel welcome, but a doors-open-wide policy does indeed present some risks.

At the very least, business owners should consider tinted windows, forcing would-be perpetrators to enter the building to see inside, which then places them firmly on camera – as long, of course, as a surveillance system is installed. Retailers with window displays can skip the tinted windows, but block the view inside with a backdrop behind the display. All windows should be laminated to prevent shattering.
Additionally, Saucier encourages all business owners to install a panic button. This provides a smooth and silent method of alerting APD to a problem within your establishment. With a panic button, help will get to you soon in the event of a threat.

Finally, employers should have an emergency plan in place, and hold mandatory training for all employees. Employees who know the procedures well are many times more likely to follow them in the event of an emergency or threat.
For details about which products are the best match for protecting your business and employees, contact Justin Saucier at Denali Security.

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