Russians warn of new form of fraud with Bank cards | #employeefraud | #recruitment | #corporatesecurity


Representatives of the office of the Ombudsman of Russia warned citizens about a new type of fraud with payment cards of the savings Bank. To steal personal data and money of clients of Bank frauds, according to the message, use the opportunities of the popular program TeamViewer and its analogues, which allow to access different devices.

Россиян предупреждают о новом виде мошенничества с банковскими картами

It is noteworthy that earlier a statement about the increasing cases of fraud using software to gain remote access to the devices was made by the specialists of “Kaspersky Lab”, warning citizens about the revitalization of this type. “The potential victim receives a telephone call during which the swindlers are represented by employees of the security service of the Bank and tell them about the attempted break-in to the mobile Bank. For credibility they turn to the victim by name and call the phone number that is bound to the corresponding application”, – stated in a new message.

In addition, it is emphasized that during a call, people tend to hear against the background noise allegedly running a call center, and the last argument in favor of the “reality” of the ringing is getting SMS with 900 rooms with a digital code, which the victim is asked not to be named. Next person to convince that hackers using the virus are trying to hack into his mobile app and asked to install a program like TeamViewer for remote access on your smartphone, calling ID programs, ostensibly to ensure that a Bank employee could connect to the device and to find the virus. Thus the attackers gain full control over the gadget and you can dispose of the funds in the accounts of the unsuspecting client.



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