Ransomware #attacks will #continue to #impact #businesses in 2018, says #Barracuda

Ransomware attacks will continue to impact businesses in 2018, according to cloud-enabled security and data protection solutions provider Barracuda Networks, Inc.

In its 2018 Security Predictions report released today, Barracuda said attackers will continue to look for new mechanisms (like botnets) to deliver ransomware.

Barracuda vice president for global marketing Sanjay Ramnath said the company also expects the evolution of ransomware to “protectionware”.

Ramnath said cybercriminals may evolve from demanding ransoms to unlock data, to demanding payments to avoid being targeted.

Meanwhile, Barracuda lead platform architect Eugene Weiss said there was rapid increase in the volume of mass ransomware threats, which will continue over the next 12-24 months.

“The growing availability of cryptocurrencies provides attackers with the possibility to remain anonymous, while conducting mass attacks,” Weiss said.

Barracuda said new cryptocurrencies that are more anonymous than bitcoin, will accelerate this.

It said the small payment sizes make it more likely for victims to pay.

Since smaller organisations continue to pay ransoms, mass ransomware has become a threat epidemic and will not slow down anytime soon, the report said.


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