Popular #culture #key to giving #cyber security much-needed #boost

The cyber security industry should turn to popular culture to raise awareness of the cyber threat to businesses and consumers and attract new blood to the field, says McMafia author

The cyber security industry is failing to communicate the scale and nature of the threat and is severely under-resourced in skills, according to UK journalist and author Misha Glenny.

“The Spooks BBC television series resulted in a phenomenal increase in applications to work for UK intelligence services, and the same should be done for the cyber security profession,” he said.

Glenny, author of McMafia, who has studied the patterns of “cyber malfeasance” including cyber crime for the past 12 years, believes one of the key failings of the cyber security industry is around communication.

“The generally high levels of misunderstanding and ignorance about cyber vulnerabilities and cyber security in the population as a whole leads to rich pickings in companies and institutions, for social engineers in particular, because people do not understand their function in a regime of digital hygiene,” he said.

This also persists at boardroom level, Glenny told a media briefing at the Palo Alto Networks End User Cybersecurity Summit in London.

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