Police #Say #Skimming Fraud #Behind Massive #BRI Account #Theft

EMPO.CO, Jakarta – Police are currently investigating the suspected mass-theft experienced by customers of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) in Kediri, East Java. According to the Police`s Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Chief of cybercrime Irwan Anwar, multiple BRI customers might have been victims of bank account skimming fraud.

He explained the fraud works when the perpetrators install a skimmer device right in front of the card slot of the ATM in order to copy the card’s data. They will then withdraw money from the victim`s account by using a fake ATM card. “This is a weakness in the banking system devices,” said Irwan Anwar on Tuesday, March 13.

Irwan urged the banking industry to strengthen defense systems in ATMs, considering that card skimming cases have happened in Surabaya, West Nusa Tenggara, and Bali.

Previously, dozens of BRI customers in Ngadiluwih, Kediri, simultaneously blocked their bank accounts after their savings reduced even though they had not dispensed money. In average, the victims were robbed from Rp500,000 up to Rp1 million. There are 30 bank customers who became the victims of the skimming fraud.

BRI corporate secretary Bambang Tribaroto provided confirmation on Monday, March 12, and explained that the bank had compensated the victims of skimming and had provided new ATM cards for them.

The loss experienced by BRI customers is still unknown since BRI and police are still investigating the case.

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