Oklahoma #County #GOP says #Facebook, #website possibly #hacked

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma County republicans’ group claims their Facebook page and website may have been hacked.

On Sunday, a post was shared on the Oklahoma County Republicans’ Facebook page seemingly comparing Democrats to Nazis. The original post was first shared by another page ‘Direct to the People,’ listing side-by-by comparisons of Nazis and Democrats. It suggested both groups had similarities, including “media mind control” and stances on abortion and socialism.

As of Monday, the original post had more than 193,000 shares. Oklahoma County Republicans’ shared post was taken down by Monday morning.

Daren Ward, chairman of the Oklahoma County Republican party, said neither he or the other three people authorized to manage their social media accounts shared the post on their page or deleted it.

“It seems like somebody got hacked, because our Facebook page… it didn’t seem like anything was wrong with our Facebook page,” Ward told News 4. “But, our web page, we have two domains okcogop and okcgop.com, but they both go to the same website and it looked like it was changed to German.”

Ward said there’s likely a connection between whoever is responsible for the Facebook share and the website.

Before the post was removed, it gained some attention on social media. Rep. Forrest Bennett, D-Oklahoma City said he did not find this kind of post surprising.

“As an Oklahoma democrat, I’m used to people drawing some pretty strange comparisons to us and the ills of the world,” Bennett said. “People are hurting right now, and starting Facebook fights comparing Democrats to Nazis is not moving us further in any direction in helping those people.”

Ward said he condemns the message behind the post, adding this ugly side of politics is not unique to Republicans.

“The Democrats… they have the same problems we do,” he said. “Overzealous volunteers and people liking to inflame everything. It’s sad, it really is, because there’s hardworking people on both sides of the aisle.”

Bennett said there’s no place for that in Oklahoma politics.

“When push comes to shove and voters in Oklahoma are asking us to take some serious and courageous policy positions, it’s easy tactic to try to distract people with this kind of sensational rhetoric,” he said.

Ward said they have not reported the alleged hacking to police.


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