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The Chinese firm will be allowed to access 35 percent of the UK’s network, which includes its radio networks. Huawei will also be banned from supplying “sensitive” parts to the network, the UK Government revealed last month.

Despite Mr Johnson declaring there will be limits to Huawei’s access, speaking to Express.co.uk, Dr. Mike Lloyd, security expert and CTO at RedSeal, warned 35 percent is a “huge amount” for any potential spy.

He added: “A Chinese spy would be delighted if they had 35 percent access to the UK’s hardware.

“That’s a huge amount.”

Although the Government has stated the sensitive sites will not be covered by the new hardware, the expert claimed once access is allowed, an organisation could map a digital picture of where UK officials go quite easily.

He added: “It’s powerful data to know who’s talking and where they are.

“You can easily build up a digital picture.

“A 35 percent footprint is amazingly powerful.”

A report issued by the National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of GCHQ, warned the company’s “cybersecurity and engineering quality is low”.

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The US has also criticised the Government for allowing Huawei to access the network.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has warned the inclusion of the Chinese telecom company could infringe on information sharing between the two countries.

He also stated: “Chinese Communist Party presents the central threat of our times.”

There are also critical fears the Five Eyes alliance of the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia could also be effected by the decision.

This was refuted by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab who stated the UK would now be given “world-leading technology” and that the intelligence sharing will not be harmed. 

Away from Huawei, the UK has four main providers of 5G, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and ZTE.

Before the 35 percent ruling, companies such as Vodafone had already implemented the hardware within their network.

However, all telecoms companies will now have three years to comply, which in Vodafone’s case, will cost £170m (€200m) over five years to remove any existing Huawei hardware within their system.

As Mr Lloyd pointed out, not only will the UK be supplied with poor quality hardware but that the decision doesn’t “bode well” for the long-term security of the infrastructure.

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