Middletown #business #owner #robbed a #third #time, offers $5,000 #reward

A Middletown business owner is offering a $5,000 reward after a tandem axle trailer was stolen.

It happened Sunday afternoon at Granger Plastics, located in the 1600 block of M.A.D.E. Industrial Drive.

“I want to see these type of people come to justice,” said owner Jim Cravens.

Cravens said he doesn’t know if it was an inside job or not but feels it’s clear from the video it is someone familiar with the company. The video shows a black pick-up truck enter his property with the front license plate partially covered. That partial plate according to Cravens is Ohio GYY7. The vehicle is described as newer back Chevy Silverado.

“I’m driving a 14-year-old vehicle that has 258,000 miles on it. This guy is a thief driving a brand new truck,” he said. “What is wrong with people?”

Cravens says he’s been robbed twice before. He is unsure if the man in the photo is the same person who has stolen from them before.

He said his company employs about 30 people and the suspect stole from them as well.

Police have not said if they have any suspects.

Cravens’ reward is for information leading to an arrest and conviction. You can reach his company at 513-424-1955.

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