Man #arrested for #fraudulent bank #withdrawals of nearly $20,000

PORTLAND (WGME) – A man was arrested on Friday for fraudulent bank withdrawals of nearly $20,000.

49-year-old Darryl I. Morgan of Bronx, New York, was arrested at a TD Bank in Standish, Maine after withdrawing money under false identities.

The Standish TD Bank was contacted by TD Bank’s Fraud Division notifying them that Morgan was not the actual account holder.

The actual account holder was determined to be a Caucasian male, while the suspect was an African American male.

According to police, Morgan made several other withdrawals at four TD Bank’s in the area and attempted a fifth all within an approximate four hour time frame.

His fifth attempt took place at the Windham branch location. This TD Bank notified police that a man matching the suspect’s description was at their location.

Morgan was arrested and transported to the Cumberland County Jail where he was charged with multiple counts of aggravated forgery, theft by deception, misuse of identification, and failure to provide correct name and date of birth.

His bail was set at $150,000 cash.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office continues to work with TD Bank’s Fraud Division, along with investigators from Portland, Gorham, and Windham Police Department’s. These agencies will also be looking at connecting Morgan to other similar fraud activities, both locally and New England-wide. The FBI has also been notified of these incidents.

At this time, the victim bank account holders are all non-Maine residents.

The investigation is on-going and there are additional suspects in these cases.


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