Local business holds artfest after a series of robberies

SPOKANE, Wash. – Last month, several Spokane businesses were vandalized and robbed by a group of teens in an overnight crime spree. For Monkey Boy Art it was the fourth time in a month.

Maayan Gordon, owner of Monkey Boy Art says, “our store got broken in to four times in about the course of a month. I think maybe the only thing they didn’t do was climb in the vents to try and get inside.”

Robbers used any means necessary to get in to the store that makes and sells glass art pieces and smoking accessories.

“One time they stole a large scary ax from our neighbor and they chopped through the large, glass insert in our door. Another time after we had made that a lot more secure, they came back with a truck, and a cable and tried to rip off the door,” Gordon added.

Continually replacing windows can be costly for a small business. After hearing that boarded windows are more difficult to break through than glass, they decided to keep them up. Yet, there was concern for how neighbors might react.

Gordon explains, “boarded up windows kind of detract from how a community kind of looks.”

So they invited artistic friends to come and make some beautiful displays.

“Its kind of spurred off a bad event; that we turned in to something good,” shared Gordon.

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