Little Rock #Business #Robbed Three Times in Two #Weeks

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock business — robbed not once, not twice, but three times – just days a part. It happened at Tom and Jean’s Grocery on Sardis Road.

“People like to make memories so here’s a picture frame to put some memories in,” says Robert Carter. He works at Linda’s Uniques – a small thrift shop. “Everyone knows everyone,” says Carter.

One thing he’s used to seeing is familiar faces.”They stop at a local grocery store up the road,” says Carter. Many now finding out a staple in the community is closed. “We are not used to crime around here,”

Little rock police say a man first robbed tom and jeans grocery two weeks ago. Exactly one week later, another robbery. Exactly one week later, another. Then again this past Tuesday.”In my opinion I think they closed because they are trying to make a living and someone trying to get  a freeload off of them,” says Carter.

In more than one robbery, a clerk at the store told police a man came into the store with a black bandana around his face -threatening the clerk if he didn’t give him all the money in the cash register. “That’s crazy it used to be a safe neighborhood but now it’s not,” says long-time patron, Susie Martin. “It’s scary, very scary.”

The clerk told police the same man is responsible for all three robberies. “Makes you want to go somewhere else,” says Martin.

While Carter is keeping his business safe, he’s hoping the long-time community store, isn’t closed for good. “Maybe someone else can come and take it over, because it has been in this community for a while,” says Carter.

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