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First off, Guy Smith, it must be nice to have a guaranteed income and to know that your job is quite secure. That “bully” Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP is doing what, to your numerous “regular Albertans”, sir? Asking for a wage freeze, or perhaps a small percentile cut in pay for the short term? You wrote “… personal sacrifices for the common good …” and ended your diatribe with: “And when we fight, we win.” Well, go on strike! Bring the province to its knees and win even more in wages than that which already surpasses the earnings of public employees in every other province! And if regular ‘Joe Lunchpail’ Albertans, doing similar work in the private sector, had a chance to have your job(s) at 5% less, I’m sure they’d jump to it — save for those who consider loyalty to the company as a factor! (Alberta being the company for all of us, eh?) Unions had their day in keeping underpaid children out of the coal mines and ‘sweatshops’, but compare that to how Al Capone worked the trucking industry, eh! I would suggest that you take back your words … “personal sacrifices for the common good …” Well, at least until COVID-19 is done, please.
(They are not helping Alberta recover.)

As a supervisor/manager in today’s private sector, you would be shaking in your corporate chair if you learned that not one, but several of your staff had complained openly about you creating a toxic workplace through your harassment, verbal abuse and publicly humiliating several of them, and, occasionally, describing some of your employee’s work as well … shall we say human excrement. In the private sector, such actions would be mean a trip to the HR manager’s office, fired immediately, and, accompanied by two large corporate security people out of the building. But these are the reported actions of our governor general by some of her staff. Yes, Julie Payette, who was awarded her position by Justin Trudeau because she’s a former Canadian astronaut and a nice lady. Julie Payette has shamed and disgraced the office and the position. But look, seriously, it’s time we discontinue this money-wasting posting of a governor general. It serves no vital role in our democracy, it puts some social and/or political elitist into the position where they can just sit back, smile, sign a couple of documents each year and suck on the financial teat of the government. It’s time to open the door at Rideau Hall, give the boot to Julie Payette, and turn her office into a games room.
(Her conduct, much of which has not been confirmed, is being investigated.)

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