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Promo Business continuity, cyber security, and maintaining customer experience are the order of the day as we all bed in to work from home for the near (or mid) future. The Edge Live | Virtual Summit 2020 has these topics covered.

Targeted at security and infrastructure leaders, network architects, security teams, developers and – indeed – anyone considering themselves an IT professional who is busy converting their guest bedroom into a corporate IT centre, the Edge Live | Virtual Summit 2020 aims to be a one-stop shop to keep you protecting your business’s technology for your remote employees, while carrying on meeting your customers’ and end users’ needs.

The online, fully interactive sessions are available in three global territories, running in Europe and America on April 7th, 2020, and Asia-Pacific-Japan on April 8th. Check the event page for your local timings.

Akamai is bringing out its best and brightest for the sessions, and you can look forward to hearing from founder and CEO Tom Leighton on facing our now-challenging times head-on in his keynote session, focusing on broad business continuity as we’re squirreled away.

Akamai Chief Security Officer Andy Ellis will also offer an overview of other key events in time that changed the digital landscape – offering a salutary lesson in things that have happened before that can help us face current problems.

Getting down and dirty with remote work will be handled by Mani Sundaram and Robert Blumofe, Akamai’s CIO and GM of the Enterprise Division, while VP of Platform Engineering Liz Borowsky will deliver a session on exactly how social distancing impacts the internet itself.

It’s a full schedule with something to offer almost any interested party, and a great opportunity to start some conversations with your peers as we all bed in (sometimes literally in bed) to new ways of working.

Click right here to sign up to the Akamai Edge Live | Virtual Summit.

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