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As Danielle Merfield, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of GE Renewables said on our C3E International webinar last week, “This is a change that’s going to shift the world, and if we’re an ecosystem that wants to change the world, we should reflect the world.”  I’m proud that our agency is engaged with programs like C3E International and a host of STEM events, competitions, internships, teacher development, and digital resources that aim to make our STEM workforce look like our nation.

Exposure to STEM professionals and careers is an important place to start.  At DOE’s Portsmouth Site, our annual Science Alliance event brings in over 1,500 high school juniors from the surrounding counties to experience STEM and understand academic requirements related to pursuing these careers.  The National Science Bowl, run by our Office of Science, reaches Ohioans in middle school and high school, with a robust competition each year at the South Central Ohio Regional Science Bowl.

We continue to support and develop students as they get ready to enter the workforce, through hands-on experiences such as supporting the Center of Science and Industry’s new Learning Lunchboxes program and engaging Ohio students in ongoing opportunities.  For instance, our Office of Science’s Community College Internships and Science Undergraduate Learning Internships have had 12,638 participants since FY 2002.

There are hundreds of ways that we’re supporting STEM across the continuum from K-workforce, so be sure to visit our STEM Rising website at, and sign up for our monthly STEM newsletter to stay engaged.  The future depends on it.


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