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Growth Funds for Data Viz Firm Brytlyt

May 22 2020

London-based data visualisation specialist Brytlyt has raised $4m in a Series A round of funding, which it will use to build its sales operation, enter new markets, and grow its engineering team.

Founded in 2013 by former dunnhumby Senior Technical Architect Richard Heyns (pictured), Brytlyt’s GPU (graphics processor unit) database works with patent-pending software built on PostgreSQL to help telcos, retailers and financial institutions make sense of their data through analysis and visualisation technology. Using its flagship product, the SpotLyt visualisation tool, the company can handle complex queries on billions of rows of data, delivering results in milliseconds in the form of graphics, maps and charts. Customers can then interpret their end-users’ behaviour for fraud prevention, attracting and retaining customers, network performance optimisation, and risk management.

New funding comes from global technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners and Finch Capital. Commenting on the investment, Heyns said: ‘We are incredibly excited to gain support from Amadeus and Finch for the next phase of our company’s growth. Analytics and data are growing exponentially and it’s clear the future of processing must lie in GPUs, with their enhanced capacity for data crunching and deep learning’.

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