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GOP Challenger Kate Gibbs:
Link Expanded VBM with a National Voter ID Law

Gibbs says compromise would make voting easier,
while virtually eliminating fraud

THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Third Congressional District GOP Challenger Kate Gibbs pressed congressional Democrats like incumbent opponent Andy Kim, as well as congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump, to find common ground on the dispute over expanding the use of mail-in ballots by linking VBM expansion with a federal law that mandates all voters present a photo ID before being allowed to cast their ballot.

Under Gibbs’ proposal, anyone voting at the polls would need to present a valid picture ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or a state/federal employee ID. Anyone choosing to vote by mail would need to enclose a copy of that ID with their ballot when returning it to the County Clerk.

Gibbs, the endorsed candidate of the Burlington County Republican Committee and a member of the NRCC’s Young Guns program, said what happened in Wisconsin this week was a travesty.

“Forcing voters to stand in line during a deadly health pandemic – sometimes in the pouring rain – was just plain wrong. But if Democrats truly want elections that are more accessible and fair, then they should support a bipartisan compromise that links expanded Vote-By-Mail with a national voter ID law that would go a long way towards stamping out voter fraud and corruption.”

Gibbs said the compromise would achieve Democratic goals of making it easier to vote, while satisfying Republicans concerned about voter fraud. “This is the way government is supposed to work,” she said. “Give something to get something. Frankly, failure to achieve this kind of compromise is what people hate most about politicians in Washington, D.C.”

Gibbs challenged incumbent Democrat Andy Kim (NJ-3) to publicly support her VBM-Voter ID compromise proposal and urged President Trump and congressional Republicans to accept the deal if it were offered.

“I flat-out reject the premise that Republicans are naturally disadvantaged due to Vote-By-Mail – that’s nothing but an excuse for losing,” said Gibbs. “At the same time, Democrats – often with the help of a biased and complicit media – continue to ignore repeated instances of voter fraud and corruption in our election system. You need to present a valid ID to rent a car, board an airplane, or book a hotel room. Why should voting be any different? The bottom line is that passing a national Voter ID law would make our elections more secure and give everyone more confidence in our system of elections, both in New Jersey and across the country.”

Gibbs pointed to allegations and charges of voter fraud nationally, and in Hudson CountyEssex CountyMiddlesex County, New Jersey, just to name a few, as clear evidence debunking Democrat talking points about fraud being non-existent.

“If the Democrats are so certain that every person who casts a ballot is doing so legally, then why the hell are they afraid of them having to present a valid ID?” asked Gibbs.


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