Google #unveils new #version of #Chrome for added #business #security

Google has unveiled new security features for businesses using Chrome

American tech giant Google has made a vast array of security improvements to its Chrome tools over the past few months, but now it’s doing the same thing for businesses.

In July, the company unveiled a plethora of new security controls and improvements for the G Suite, although many business users felt that the company could’ve done more.

That’s changed now, though. Chrome 63 brings a range of added security improvements for companies that use its business and productivity apps.

As reported by Engadget, the new version of Chrome brings site isolution, Transport Layer Security 1.3 for Gmail, as well as granular settings for extensions.

Google’s longtime technology rival, Microsoft, has been developing such technology for a while now. Last year, it said the Edge browser trumped competitors for security.

It makes use of virtualisation based security, which means the browser can operate as a virtual PC. The lucrative part is that processes such as the Windows 10 Kernel are kept separate.

There’s now a site isolation feature available, which means the browser can keep content displayed on open websites separate from other pages.

And if website admins within companies are worried about potential security risks posed by extensions, they can blacklist specific ones. They can also restrict certain users from using extensions altogether.

Google said TLS 1.3 will provide users with a sleeker and more secure browsing experience, and it plans to roll out the technology to the whole of the internet in 2018.

Of course, there are some other cool features, including a new flags page. Although the design hasn’t changed massively, Google has kitted it out with new features, experiments and toggles.

Other features include improved auto-completion, asynchronous generator functions for Javascript, a new device memory API that works out the amount of RAM a device has, permission pop-ups and smart text selection for Android 8.1.

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