Google bans Zoom from employee computers due to security concerns | #corporatesecurity |


  • Google has banned the use of Zoom on employees’ computers, according to a new report.
  • The company alerted employees last week that it would disable the service, citing security vulnerabilities.
  • It’s the latest, but not the first, company to ban Zoom across its business.
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Google has banned employees from using Zoom on company computers, according to a new report from Buzzfeed and confirmed by Business Insider.

The company reportedly sent an email to all employees with the Zoom app on their computer, citing “security vulnerabilities,” and informing them that the app would stop working this week. Google has its own video conferencing app called Meet, a direct competitor to Zoom.

“We have long had a policy of not allowing employees to use unapproved apps for work that are outside of our corporate network,” according to a statement by a Google spokesperson.

“Recently, our security team informed employees using Zoom Desktop Client that it will no longer run on corporate computers as it does not meet our security standards for apps used by our employees,” the statement continued. “Employees who have been using Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can continue to do so through a web browser or via mobile.”

As people are forced to work and socialize from home, the popularity of Zoom has rocketed, but it’s not been all good news as the service’s various security vulnerabilities have also come under the spotlight. This has included a new form of harassment known as “Zoom bombing,” where hackers gain access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to disrupt it.

In fact, Google isn’t the first company to ban the use of Zoom. Tesla did the same thing earlier this month, also over security concerns, and asked employees to rely on phone calls, emails and texts instead.



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