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GASTON COUNTY, N.C. – Gastonia police are investigating after an armed robber has struck again, and they believe the same person has already robbed two Family Dollar stores earlier this week.

Detectives told Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon that a woman was robbed at a Bojangles restaurant on Tuesday night.

“I don’t want (anybody) to go through what I had went through last night,” victim Helen Tindall said.

Police have not said why they think the man who committed the crime may have also robbed two Family Dollar stores.

Where the robberies have happened:

  • Dec. 17: Family Dollar, 1604 S. York Street
  • Dec. 18: Family Dollar, 112 W. Garrison Boulevard
  • Dec. 19: Bojangles Restaurant, 507 New Hope Road

Officers said the masked gunman came into the restaurant as a few customers were finishing their orders and employees were preparing to close.

When he showed a gun, the employees ran to the back of the store. That’s when he aimed the gun at Tindall, 74, who was eating at a table with her 81-year-old friend.

She told dispatchers that she tried to hide her purse, but the man knocked over the table, spilling hot coffee all over her.

He was able to grab her bag and run away.

“You are about as sorry and low down as you can get,” Tindall said.

She said she begged him not to take her purse.

“He pointed the gun just like I’m pointing my finger,” she said.

She was so devastated that she couldn’t finish her 911 call with the dispatcher.

“If he wanted to rob someone else, please don’t do them like that,” Tindall said. “I mean, please, don’t do somebody like that. That’s terrible.”

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