Fulda woman #accused of stealing approximately $150,000 from #nursing #home

FULDA — A rural Fulda woman is facing multiple felony-level charges in Murray County District Court after allegedly stealing nearly $150,000 from her former local employer over an approximately two-and a-half-year period

Criminal charges were filed Jan. 31 in Murray County alleging that Amy Hakeneis, 43, altered checks and purchased numerous gift cards using a Maple Lawn Senior Care credit account from December 2013 to March 2016.

Hakeneis faces two counts of felony check forgery — make or alter a check; two counts of felony check forgery — offer/possess with the intent to defraud; and three counts of felony theft — divert corporate property.

According to the criminal complaint, Hakeneis was entrusted to make food and other supply purchases exclusively from Hy-Vee for Maple Lawn Senior Care employee milestone celebrations and appreciation events the facility periodically hosted.

A thorough investigation and audit indicated that Hakeneis purchased $146,924.34 worth of gift cards from December 2013 to March 2016 using the company’s credit account at Hy-Vee. According to Maple Lawn Senior Care Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Arlan Swanson, Hakeneis was not authorized to make gift card purchases.

Hakeneis also allegedly altered checks intended for another recipient on multiple occasions to pay the company’s Hy-Vee bill.

She was terminated from her position in May 2016.

Hakeneis’ first appearance is scheduled for Feb. 12.

Maple Lawn Senior Care issued a press release and statement Friday assuring the theft did not involve resident funds or state reimbursements and did not affect resident’s care.

“As a small company, we rely on the integrity of our employees,” Swanson said. “… I find it difficult to believe that a person could care so little about how this theft could have impacted others who depend on the care we provide.”

He added that in light of the alleged theft, the company has taken steps to increase its financial security to prevent similar problems.

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