Former #Morgan Stanley FA #Sues for #Alleged #Anti-Semitism

Michael Pellegrino, 46, of Staten Island, claims that during his time as a financial advisorwith Morgan Stanley he was “constantly bullied, disparaged and caused to feel inferior because of his association with the Jewish clientele.” 

The suit alleges that he was ordered to cease business with Hasidic Jews by his superiors, who called his Orthodox clients “unicorns,” a code word for supposedly unreliable clients. According to Pellegrino’s lawyer, he was brought in by the firm’s executive director of compliance, Evan Boucher, for a discussion regarding his clientele, which soon turned problematic.

They didn’t like the fact that my client was getting involved with a religious community that they considered untrustworthy,” Pellegrino’s attorney, Paul Liggieri, told the New York Post.

The suit further alleges that Morgan Stanley then suspended Pellegrino and fired him in December 2016.

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