Firefox six-weekly security fixes are out – get them now! – Naked Security

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Mozilla’s own “patch Tuesday” for Firefox happened this week.

Rather than patching once a calendar month, Mozilla goes for every sixth Tuesday – or every 42 days, which we call Fortytwosday in a hat-tip to HHGttG.

This update takes the regular build of Firefox to 73.0, while the long-term release, which includes security fixes but not feature updates, goes to 68.5.0esr/strong>.

ESR is short for Extended Support Release, and if you want to know which regular release it matches up to for security patches, just add the leftmost two numbers together, and notice that 68+5 = 73.

The good news is that none of the security holes fixed in this update seem to be what are known as zero-day vulnerabilities, which is the industry term for bugs that the crooks figure out first.

(The name zero day reflects the fact that even if you are the sort of person who patches as soon as you can, there would have been zero days on which you could have been ahead of the crooks.)