David Lance Morris, 1st Annual Business Person Of The Year

David Lance Morris has been declared the Businessman of the Year by a team of respectable judges at the 1st Annual Business Man Of The Year Award.

Business Security Today the event which was graced by an A-list of  government officials, socialites, politicians, captains of industry and entertainers over the weekend, Mr. Morris was singled out for his keen ability to spot juicy business ventures miles away and for his record of succeeding where others failed. His citation stated that his Cobal and Copper mining company, Enigma Mines has the enviable record of being the first indigenous venture  to strike Cobalt in Zambia Africa while his technology investments dated back to 2001 in a small company called Cyber Group Network.

Cyber Group Network was small publicly traded company (stock symbol CGPN) located in San Bernardino, California.  This company created the first 2048 bit-encryption software that was sold in over five thousands computer stores in the United States and Canada.

Morris’s creations have already made him tremendously wealthy — but it is his audacity and tenacity that make him Business Security Today Business Person of the Year.

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