#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | Cryptocurrency Scams Meets its Match in Latest Application Developed to Help Police Officers Catch Criminals

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Cybercrimes have always been the bane of the internet age coupled with and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, that problem has only escalated. One of the major problems in dealing with such cases was how ill-equipped the police were in implementing steps.

This is a problem that Nick Selby aims to tackle, a blueprint that even includes saving people from cryptocurrency scams and frauds. The former detective with extensive cybersecurity knowledge has set out on this task by creating an application to monitor witness progress.

Police officers in New York believed that the range of crimes had caught a lot of the departments off guard. Many of them even supported Selby’s plan that allows officers to individually upload witness details into a safe and secure server.

Many officials have always complained about how there was a lack of training that enables the police to tackle a range of crimes. Selby pointed out the mistake in the system by analyzing how seriously the police consider cases. According to the former detective, the police are more likely to react to a physical crime than a Bitcoin scam that took place on the internet.

Selby stated:

“If somebody walked into the precinct holding a bloody handkerchief to their head and said, ‘Somebody hit me over the head and took a thousand dollars out of my wallet,’ you’d have five cops running out to find the guy. [But] if they come in and say, ‘Some scammer took a thousand dollars from me,’ [police say] ‘Ooooh, you’ve got to call the FBI!’ That’s crazy. That’s the old way of thinking.”

The application asks questions such as the category of crime that includes dedicated selections such as “scam webpage or financial transaction”.

This follows up with queries about how the victim contacted. The mod of communication can range from a normal voice call over the mobile or a 4G enable VOIP call.

Cryptocurrency scam cases usually go cold very soon because of the delay in information passage as well as connections. With the latest application, Selby and his partner Luis Sayan aims to get the right details of an investigation quickly to the corresponding detectives.

During a cryptocurrency scam, this store of information would allow the cyber wing to quickly track the cryptocurrency exchange or address in question.

The two officers have also taken the initiative to teach their colleagues how to utilize the application to its fullest potential. This includes conducting seminars in different precincts so that they too could see that the app was a tool to provide justice seamlessly.


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