Cyber security #expert warns about the #dangers of sending #explicit images #online

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Cyber security #expert warns about the #dangers of sending #explicit images #online

A cyber security expert is warning about the dangers of sending sexually explicit images to strangers online.

Many Irish companies increased their IT security in the wake of the ‘Wanna Cry’ randsomware incident earlier this year, which affected systems in hundreds of countries around the world.

‘Sextortion’ is a much less complicated scheme which targets individuals on various social networking sites.

The CEO of Cyber Risk International, Paul Dwyer, who will be speaking at todays Cyber Threat Summit in Dublin, says people need to be aware of the scam.

He said: “People hear time and time again about the fact that there are fake profiles that reach out to people.

“They start a relationship with them and then they will ask them to do an embarassing act on camera, then hold them to ransom.

“That is happenning all the time, we are getting regular calls, and not just us but other security providers too.”


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