Cameras #catch man #stealing #money from local #Lawrence business’ #cash register

Lawrence Police are looking for a man who stole money out of a local business’ cash register Sunday afternoon — and the crime was caught on the business’ security cameras.

Delaney & Loew Kitchenalia is a locally owned kitchenware and home goods store on Massachusetts Street. It’s owned by Bradly and Katie Moore, who tell 41 Action News they were “shocked” when they received a phone call from one of their employees.

“It just made my stomach turn,” said Katie.

Surveillance cameras from inside the store captured a man walking into the store just after 2 p.m. Sunday. According to the video footage, he walks to the back of the store and tries to open a locked door. When he is unsuccessful, he goes up to the cash register and asks the employee a question.

“He asked our employee if she could grab, he was looking for something that needed a box. She went to the back to look for a box and he walked over to the cash register and grabbed the money,” said Bradly.

The thief took off with about $260 in cash.

“[The money] makes our car payment, it buys groceries. This is our livelihood and that is what he needs to know,” said Katie.

Anyone who might recognize the suspect is asked to call the Lawrence Police Department.

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