Bank #Midwest places #restrictions on #customers after #fraud alert

One of the largest banks in the Kansas City area is putting limits on withdrawals just before the holidays.

Bank Midwest customers got an e-mail overnight says there’s a new $250 daily limit on withdrawing money from an ATM.

The reason?


“I’m a longtime Brooksider, and the convenience of having the ATM right ther.”

Suzie Duncan has trusted her money to Bank Midwest for a long time. For her, the Brookside location where we met her is quick and easy.

“I like this one. You know their names, and they know you.”

Fraud has hit the area’s fifth-largest banking system by deposit. And Suzie says this ATM restriction may be hard on some.

“Sometimes you have to pull out some cash. And if there’s a $250 limit, that’s probably not acceptable for most people.”

Bank Midwest notified customers by e-mail saying they had noticed an “unusual increase” of fraud in the area.

With 39 banking centers, bank leaders would not say how many customers were affected.

Customers are also encouraged to change their PIN number. They can still take out larger amounts of cash by going in to any bank branch.

Bank Midwest officials said they will work with customers to make things whole if they’re victims of fraud.

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