Austrian leader LASK complains of ‘industrial espionage’ after it was caught breaking training rules 05/15/2020 | #espionage | #surveillance | #ceo

Two days after Austria’s Bundesliga got the green light to resume play on June 2, it was rocked by charges that leader LASK Linz, seeking its first league title since 1965, had broken safety
rules set by the country’s ministry of sports limiting training to groups of six players.

The other 11 Bundesliga members signed a statement they had been presented with “clear
video material” that showed Linz had ignored the guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Red Bull Salzburg, coached by American Jesse Marsch, said it was
“shocked and stunned” by LASK’s actions and dismayed that “not all clubs and individuals are aware of this great responsibility.”

LASK managing director Andreas Protil
complained his club was the victim of “industrial espionage,” which he blamed on two men who had broken into the club’s training facility in the middle of the night and installed video
surveillance cameras.

Training in small groups was permitted on April 20, and full training will resume on Friday. Teams will play games every three days to finish the 10-game
championship phase.

As teams wrapped up the 22-game first stage, LASK led Salzburg, the six-time defending champion, by three points.

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