Air Force Cyber Strategy Conference

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General Cybersecurity Conference

 January 23 – 24, 2018 | Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Cybersecurity Conference Description

The problems facing the United States military and government in cyberspace are vulnerability and threat proliferation in our critical infrastructure and national security systems. Strategic thinking about cyberspace needs to move left of threat. Instead of having a reactive strategy, strategic guidance needs to be proactive and inclusive of all cyber stakeholders.

It is conventional wisdom that typical defense-in-depth measures for cybersecurity are breached on a daily basis. America is vulnerable because of our dependence on insecure technology infrastructure. Even if secure by design technology exists, the United States needs a flexible and adaptive strategy to defend against the full range of cyber threats based on the complexity of how those threats operate. Existing national cybersecurity strategies have moved significantly forward, but is not sufficient to disrupt advanced threats in cyberspace. The foundations of the current cybersecurity strategy are sound as a necessary baseline, but cybersecurity will always be imperfect, and capabilities are needed that can compensate for flaws in the system. Civilian organizations must become more than mere victims to protect their own systems and become partners in in information sharing. They must be incorporated into strategy development.

The Air Force Cyber Strategy conference aims to facilitate this national dialogue, and fuse ideas generated into strategic concepts and strategies. The conference will focus on all aspects of cyberpower. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

Developing cyber policy and strategy based on levels of resilience

Assuring critical missions in a contested cyber environment by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, and understanding threat actors

Strategies of threat management using diplomatic, informational, military and economic levers of national power

Norms for targeting, signaling, escalation, and de-escalation in the conduct of cyber conflicts.

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