5 Ways to Increase Security in Your Business

As a business owner, you probably know there are many different threats facing your company. From potential break-ins to the dangers of cyber hacks, there are a number of ways someone can do damage to your business just because they found a weak spot in your security.

Having the right security systems in place is important for ensuring sensitive information about your company or your clients and customers won’t fall into the wrong hands. Let’s take a look at five areas where you may want to improve your business security.

Update Your Usernames and Passwords

Depending on the industry you serve, you probably use a lot of online programs and software to keep your business running smoothly. However, those usernames and passwords can pass through many different hands. The longer you go without changing your password, the higher the chances that someone you don’t want to access your information will.

Be sure you have a consistent routine to update your usernames and passwords, especially after an employee leaves your company. Every month or two, you’ll want to develop new passwords for every employee, ensuring they’re as strong as possible.

Check Your Locks for Damage

You may think you won’t experience break-ins because you have a lock system on your door. However, locks can easily become damaged. If they’re not effective at keeping people out, burglars may find their way into your office space or store.

Every so often, check your locks to make sure they’re not damaged. If you find that a lock is even slightly off, replace it as soon as possible.

Replace Your Doors

Your locks aren’t the only things you’ll want to check and replace every so often. Your doors are also important to take notice of.

Most people know to keep the front door secure, but if you have a loading dock with garage-style doors, burglars will look for weak spots where they can gain entry to your business. Having the right door in place and replacing it if it should ever become damaged can prevent them from finding their way inside.

Install a Network Firewall
Hackers are constantly looking for ways to penetrate a company’s payment terminal. Once they receive access, they can get the credit card and personal information of your clients and customers.

A firewall for your network can add an extra layer of protection against these hackers. Your firewall will help detect any suspicious activity and shut it down before anyone who doesn’t belong gets access to sensitive information.

Add Surveillance

Surveillance may not stop a break-in from happening, but it can help you catch the people that did it. Additionally, having a camera system may deter a burglar from targeting your company.

The surveillance you need will depend on your company and your location. Adding a camera to your front door will allow you to monitor who goes in and out of your business. You may also want to consider adding additional cameras throughout your space, depending on the important information or items you have in your store.

While you may think a break-in will never happen to you, they usually occur when you least expect it. Have the right security options in place to ensure the damage is stopped if it does ever happen to you.

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