5 Skills #Cybersecurity #Pros Will #Need in #2018

Source: National Cyber Security News

Cybercrime has never been so common and it’s now easier than ever for criminals to launch attacks. As a result of easy-to-use hacking tools, novices without programming experience can perform potentially devastating hacks.

In response to the growing demand for cybersecurity and to protect against increasingly complex attacks, security skills are in high demand. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity professionals earn an average salary of $116,000—nearly three times the national average.

In response to the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, professionals must keep their skills sharp. These are 5 skills that cybersecurity professionals should consider investing in for 2018.

1. Cloud Security

Cloud computing has transformed the way organizations store data, use applications and manage workloads—but it’s also introduced a host of new security challenges.

The responsibility to maintain cloud security lies with the organization, not the service provider—something businesses transitioning to the cloud must realize. Organizations will also need to pivot from on-premise threats to investing in cloud security. To do this, they’ll need professionals with cloud security skills.

Threats to cloud security could include poor identity management and attackers may disguise themselves as legitimate users to secretly snoop, modify or delete data.

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